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Creating a Team for the AIM Roundup is easy!

We are so excited about AIM Round-Up, presented by No Limits Pediatric Therapies!
Since this years AIM Walk will be hosted by Horses for Healing it made perfect sense for our theme to be country western.

Are you ready to create your AIM Walk team? Just follow the steps below. We can't wait to see you at the AIM Round-Up!!!

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Step 1. Read: Welcome to our team

Step 2.
Create Account, (do not use the log in with Facebook option)
Use your team name to create your account
Example: Bitty's Brigade
First Name: Bitty's Last Name: Brigade
Complete form and click next

Step 3. Choose your profile photo, this photo will be displayed on the main event page

Step 4. Tell Your Story
Set your fundraising goal- Your goal should be realistic but significant
Primary Call to Action: This can be changed to if your team if you would like.
We suggest you keep this statement short.
Secondary Call to Action: Just as the primary call to action, it can be changed or it can
be left blank.
Modify your Story- This is your chance to tell your story. Talk about why you created a
team, who the team is in honor of or the school the team was created for.
Also, talk about what AIM means to you.
Click Next then Click Submit

Thank you for your support, Good Luck Fundraising!

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